Waterford Crystal Millennium Flutes, pair - Peace

Waterford Crystal Millennium Flutes, Pair - Peace

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Lucky to have this Waterford Crystal Millennium Flute available at the Irish Crystal Company!  This retired pair of Peace Flutes are the 5th in a series of 6 Flutes.  Released in 1999, the Dove design represents Peace. Waterford Crystal decided to enter into the Millennium, 2000 with a final individual toast to PEACE, in the New Year!   These Waterford Crystal flutes are unique because of the diamond and wedge cuts connecting four doves together creating a link to the dove motif.  These Waterford Crystal flutes arrive from a retired collection in perfect condition.  The Waterford Flutes are available in an Irish Crystal box as the original box is not available.  These flutes were created in Ireland.  By 1997, Waterford Millennium flutes were so popular that all countries wanted to help make these flutes, By the time the 5th edition was released, many flutes were being made in Italy, Germany and Ireland.  Depending on the weight of the stem, determined which country made the crystal flute.  This pair stands 9.25" in height and are 3.5" wide.  If you have broken a flute over the years, now is the time to replace.  This set will not restock once it is sold.